Hubbard CASIC Building

Auburn Research Park Hubbard CASIC Building

Hubbard Center for Advanced Science, Innovation and Commerce

The 82,000 SF LEED Gold Research Building located in the Auburn University Research Park is on schedule to be completed in late July 2013. This building will create (21) new lab spaces along with shared support spaces that will house research groups from Agriculture; Engineering; Science and Mathematics; Forestry and Wildlife Sciences; and Architecture, Design, and Construction. Research clusters will include food safety, aquaculture development and sustainability, water and environmental quality, information science, and biofuel/bioenergy technologies. This multidisciplinary research collaboration attempts to harness intellectual property and technology otherwise separated by 1800 acres and 427 buildings that comprise the university campus. The building also allows different groups to share some of the latest research equipment available including a supercomputer for larger server and data storage, a mass array spectrometer, multiple sequencers, deionized and purified water systems, and other lab support equipment and storage space that might not be readily available to the individual groups.

$14.4 million of the $29.7 million required to fund this project came from a Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA) Federal Grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The State of Alabama pledged their support to fund the other half of the project banking on the collaboration and innovation taking place in this building leading to the creation of the new business opportunities and jobs for the University and surrounding community.

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